Remove & Replace

Whether you’re replacing your roof or remodeling the exterior of your home, there are many reasons it may make sense to remove your solar panels. Whatever the reason, we can remove your solar panels and reinstall them to their original integrity when the roof or exterior work is complete.

We’ll make sure your system is up and producing again in no time!


Critter Guard Installation

Solar panel systems can be an attractive shelter for animals such as birds and squirrels. Unwanted debris builds up underneath the panels and squirrels have been known to chew wires. This can cause serious (and expensive) damage to the panels and wiring!

Installing a critter guard will protect your solar system from damage caused by unwanted pests.


Monitoring & Site Check-Up

Your solar system has many technical parts and as an owner it’s important to have your system inspected to ensure maximum production. We offer full site production analysis and inspection of your solar system components. Get your system check-up and rest assured knowing your solar system is producing at its maximum potential.